Great SEDIV Time Trial at TGPR!

IMG_6111Thanks to all event management, cornerworkers, staff and particpants.  At the recent October event, we had a lot of personal success.

Dan Brown DSP  1:08.583
Tom Turner GT3 1:04.892
Jack Ingold VC 1:16.497



Tony Ewing CSP 1:11.028
Delanie Calhoun CSP 1:12.145
Justin Wilder CSP 1:14.406
Scott Wilson CSP 1:19.780
Dion Ciccarelli ESP 1:09.139
George Fox F500 1:05.207
Don Squirek ITA 1:09.836
Ken Geci ITB 1:18.738
Bryan Toth ITS 1:16.010
Adam Dodson SRF 1:15.165
Richard Burgess SU 1:15.689
Dave Perry VC 1:16.755

Well done!    

Overall Results :  Here

By Class : Here

Complete records here  : TGPR 2015

Championship goes to final event in November!


As we head into the Double event at Roebling Road on November 14 & 15, there are 13 classes whose championships could be won or lost at this last TT event of 2015.  The disputed classes are:  BSP, CSP, ESP, FV, GT1, GT2, ITA, ITB, ITS, SM, SPO, STU, SU.  

Season points are HERE

Remember that in 2015, it takes 5 TT events to qualify for the SEDIV TT Championship and that the last event is TWO events!   Most of the drivers need to get their 5 events and class championship wins by competing at Roebling.  Some classes are in contention with a winner take all at Roebling. SIGN UP TODAY!   HERE

At the Roebling Road Saturday night social (after the last car is off track), we will have a contest for the top two Ugliest Hawaiian Shirts!  $25 to each of our two winners. Drivers, crew, workers and spectators are invited to participate! Feel free to accessorize.  Decisions of the judges is final. FICA. Your mileage may vary. Must be present to win.

tn_Ugly Shirt Winner Sy Prom 2013  event_16438816shopping (1)


LAST CHANCE Time Trial – Roebling Road SEASON ENDER Nov. 14 & 15

IMG_1084 The Buccaneer Region proudly present the DOUBLE POINTS season ender Last Chance Time Trial at Roebling Road in Savannah, GA on November 14 and 15!



This is the final event of the 2015 SCCA Southeast Division Time Trial Championship!  Many Class Championships are still up for grabs. We will also hold a PDX for those wanting to get some time on track with instruction.

We look forward to a great weekend with great friends, great cars and great competition  See you there! 

Register HERE for Time Trial or PDX .

Event Info  & Supps  HERE


Going back to TALLY! Oct. 10 & 11 – TGPR Registration open!


Registration is now open for the Fall Little Talledega  Grand Prix Time Trial hosted by TVR and Alabama Regions! 

Register here today 




October 10-11, 2015


Sanction # 15-TT-3464-S, 15-PDX-3465-S


Chief Steward        Spike Pannell    Registrar              Sam Copeland

Safety Steward       Andy Tow         Chief Instructor    Brett Whisenant


Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is a 1.41 mile road course located on Alabama State Highway 21, 12 miles south of Oxford, Alabama, and 8 miles north of Talladega, Alabama.  The track has showers, restrooms, compressed air, Electrical hook-ups, and 98 octane unleaded fuel.  Overnight camping is permitted.  Electricity is available through Talladega Grand Prix Raceway for $10 per day per 115v outlet and $15 per day per 30/50 amp outlet.  The track gate will be locked each evening at 10:30 p.m.  There is a payphone at the track (256-362-9985).  The caller should ask to have their party paged.  The track concession stand WILL BE OPEN for breakfast and lunch, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.


Event Headquarters will be at the Track.

TGPR, 46 Pilgrim Lane, Munford, AL 362684

2015 MID-YEAR REPORT FOR SEDIV Time Trial Program


2015 SEDIV Mid-Year Meeting  

SEDIV Time Trials Committee Report


The 2015 TT Championship Program has started off thru 3 events with 114 drivers competing in 29 classes.  Overall in 2015, TT entries are up 5% from 2014.

TGPR entries were higher (8%) than 2014.  The CCR Memorial Day TT/PDX at CMP following the SARRC weekend increased entries 40%.  Dragon moved back to June but saw 14% lower entries.  The May Road Atlanta TT was a casualty of their May race loss.  Our TT website,, provides a wealth of information about our TT program.


In August, we will repeat the TT at Barber Motorsports Park in conjunction with a Double SECS/SARRC.  For the first time in an SEDIV TT, we will have open passing with a Point-by.  Chasing the Dragon will return on September 12-13 and TGPR on October 10-11 <THIS IS A DATE CHANGE>.  The November 14-15 Roebling Road TT will be a dual race/points event and serve as the SEDIV TT Championship Series Runoff like the SIC.


Overall, PDX entries are running slightly below 2014.  For the first time, the CFR May PDX at Daytona used the long course with banking on the test day preceding the SECS.  Entries were limited and restricted to Advanced drivers who all drove in a safe and courteous manner.  The success of this demonstration PDX may lead to more PDXs held at Daytona in 2016.  CFR has a PDX on the Sebring short course in conjunction with their scheduled races in June and July.  The Labor Day one day PDX will be available only to Advanced and Intermediate classed drivers and will use the 12 Hour Sebring “Long Course”.  CFR believes that PDXs are a strong part of SCCA’s participation growth and is doing all it can to encourage that growth in Florida and SEDiv.


 2015 TT TT School PDX    2015 PDX
TGPR – TVR/ALA – Apr 49 6 11 RA – ATL – Mar 21
CMP – CCR – May 28 xx Daytona – CFR – Apr 76
Dragon – CCR – Jun 37 Daytona – CFR – May 32
Charlotte – CCR – Aug ? ? Sebring – CFR – Jun 32
Barber – TVR/ALA – Aug ? Sebring – CFR – Jul ?
Dragon – CCR – Sep ? RA – ATL – Jul ?
TGPR – TVR/ALA – Oct ?  ?  ? Sebring – CFR – Sep ?
Roebling Road 1 – Bucc – Nov ? ? ARRC – ATL – Nov ?
Roebling Road 2 – Bucc – Nov ?


Looking forward, we hope to have another robust TT schedule in 2016 with numerous Championship Points and PDX events.  CFR added PDX to race dates at Daytona.  The Committee is working to add additional TT events.




2016 Date Region TT (L3) PDX (L1) HC (L4) TT School
Road Atlanta Mar 18-20 ATL X
Daytona Apr 9-10 CFR X
Daytona May 6 CFR   X
CMP May 30 CCR X X
Dragon Jun 11-12 CCR X
Sebring Jun 11-12 CFR X
Sebring Jul 16-17 CFR X
Road Atlanta Jul 23-24 ATL X
Daytona Aug 5 CFR X
Charlotte Aug 12 CCR X X
Sebring Sep 3-4 CFR X
Barber Aug 27-28 TVR/ALA X    
Dragon Sep 10-11 CCR X
ARRC Nov 6 ATL   X  
Roebling Nov 12-13 or 19-20 BUC X X X

Note: The October TGPR date is dependent on the RunOffs and SIC dates.  Roebling is dependent on Track availability.


For 2014, the TTAC moved from Club Racing to Experiential Programs.  TTAC has proposed a reorganization to the Director Experiential Programs.  The current TTAC will become the Divisional Time Trial Committee which will be focused on tactical operations, rules, licenses, etc. which is mostly what they do now.  Added to that will be a small National TT Committee whose focus is on the strategic view of growing the TT program nationally.  The SEDIV TT Committee will not be affected.  SEDIV should see no change to their TT Program.

SEDIV TT Championship Points Updated

IMG_1165  IMG_0943  IMG_1059

Championship Points Updated through 06/01/15 

Great class battles shaping up! 

See all event points results HERE

DRIVER Class 5 REGION Best 7
Bruce Funderburg ASR TVR-93 9 9
Jeff Scott BSP CCR-61 9 9
Shane Findlan BSP CCR-61 9 9
Scott Sipler BSP CCR-61 6 6
TJ  Theodore CSP CCR-61 18 18
Shelton Wright CSP TVR-93 7 7
Tony Ewing CSP TVR-93 6 6
James Wood CSP CCR-61 6 6
Rick Burris CSP CCR-61 6 6
Wally Lacey CSP ALA-1 5 5
Charles Wright CSP TVR-93 5 5
Delanie Calhoun CSP ALA-1 4 4
Tim Olsen CSP CCR-61 3 3
Roy Erickson CSP CCR-61 1 1
Dan Brown DSP GCR 9 9
Blake May DSP SCR-79 6 6
Ken Owens EP DIX-95 9 9
Mark Gustafson EP CFR-83 6 6
Brian Gause ESP CCR-61 15 15
Robert McManus ESP CCR-61 9 9
Dion Ciccarelli ESP CCR-61 5 5
Geoff Gause ESP CCR-61 4 4
Zachery Crowder F500 WGR-45 9 9
Jerry Freeman FB TVR-93 9 9
Cesar Pascual FC ATL-3 9 9
Adrian Aveni FF ALA-1 9 9
Blake Meredith FP ATL-3 9 9
Perry Young FP CFR-83 6 6
Larry Pulliam FP ATL-3 5 5
Jason Hawkins FS ATL-3 9 9
John Wade FSP TVR-93 18 18
Paul Tatum FSP TVR-93 6 6
Mark Rothermel FV TVR-93 9 9
Bill F. Coffey GT1 FLA-11 18 18
Bill Coffey GT2 BUC-34 15 15
Bob Saville GT2 CCR-61 9 9
Nadine Saville GT2 CCR-61 5 5
Dave Stephens HP TVR-93 9 9
Richard Pannell ITA TVR-93 9 9
Clayton Pannell ITA TVR-93 6 6
John Waight ITA ALA-1 5 5
Steven Ulbrik ITB CFR-83 18 18
John Barnett ITB TVR-93 6 6
Michael Ulbrik ITB CFR-83 5 5
Ken Geci ITB TVR-93 4 4
Andy Tow ITR ALA-1 9 9
Kenny High ITS CCR-61 9 9
Larry High ITS CCR-61 6 6
Jim Daniel SM TVR-93 9 9
Jaswon Finch SM MIDS 6 6
Michael Gordon Special            ALA-1 9 9
JD Kemp Special           DIX-95 9 9
Lars Lattstrom SPO CCR-61 9 9
Ted Theodore SPU CCR-61 18 18
Ron Richey SPU ATL-3 12 12
Vicki Lanning Eckerich STU CCR-61 9 9
Rocco Bocchicchio SU ETR-68 15 15
Jake Magoulick SU TVR-93 15 15
Ricky Ragan SU ALA-1 5 5
Randall Coffman SU ALA-1 4 4
Juan Santamaria SU ATL-3 3 3
Vincent Coker SU ALA-1 2 2
Krafton Locke SU CCR-61 1 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 9