SEDIV Time Trial Points – Championships Available!

Our drivers enjoyed beautiful weather and a great weekend at Little Talladega GP Raceway in Munford, Alabama. A big thank you to all event staff that worked to make an awesome event! (Great picture below by Scott B.)


In 2016, the season ender event at Roebling Road has taken on some serious significance and this is why we made Buccaneer Region’s Roebling Road a double event.    It takes 4 events to qualify for the TT Championships

This year, the champions will receive  :

  •  TT Championship jacket
  •  TT Trophy plaque
  •  TT Championship hat
  • and  their dinners are paid for at the Awards Banquet.

In 5 classes, there are drivers who have already reached the 4 event threshold (F5, FSP, FV, ITS, SU).    Congrats drivers! 

In 17 classes, the championship is open to whomever shows up at Roebling and wins their class (BSP, CSP, EP, ESP, FF, FS, GT1, GTA, GT3, ITA, ITB, ITO, SPECIAL, SPO, STU, SPU, SU).  In many classes, drivers have to be at Roebling to reach that 4 event threshold.  In 7 classes, there is a definite shootout situation where the Champion has to win at Roebling (SU, SPU, ITA, FS, FF, EP, CSP).

Sign up today for the November 19th & 20th Roebling Road Time Trial in Savannah GA HERE

2016-tt-points-100316   <— click here for full points and standings

We look forward to seeing you there at Roebling and plan to come Friday night for Seafood at The Shell House!